Minggu, 10 Oktober 2010

kopi luwak taste really different and special

Kopi Luwak

The fame of kopi luwak is originated since the 1950s where the coffee plantation was widely opened at that time in the reign of the Dutch East Indies. Luwak was many at that time. Luwak is clever to find a good enough fruits including coffee fruit as food. They can pick the best fruit to eat, and also the best coffee beans. After eating the beans, they discarded those beans along with feces, which were previously fermented in their stomach. According to the fans and connoisseurs of coffee, kopi luwak taste really different and special.

Kopi Luwak

Luwak choose fruit that has an optimum level of maturity based on taste and smell, and eat it with peel outer skin with his mouth, then swallowing the mucus and the beans. Coffee beans that are still wrapped in the hard cuticle (horn skin/parchment) are not destroyed in the digestive system, because luwak digestive system is simple so when luwak release them out with the feces, the coffee beans is still intact wrapped by the horn skin. Coffee beans like this, in the past often hunted by coffee farmers, because it is believed to come from the best coffee beans are naturally fermented.

Traditionally farmers picked up luwak dirt along the Bukit Barisan from Padang to Lampung, and from the Gayo mountains (Aceh) to Bukit Tinggi, as well as at the slope of Mount Ijen in East Java. At these locations there was a coffee plantation where mongooses live.